Stroke Risk Factors

The changes you make now might change what happens later.

Stroke Risk Factors You Can Control, Treat and Improve

Keep your stroke risks low with regular checkups and treatment for these conditions if you have them.

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Stroke Risk Factors That Are Not Within Your Control

You can't control some risk factors, but knowing that they exist may help motivate you to work harder on the ones you can change.

Additional Factors That May Be Linked to Higher Stroke Risks

Whether your risks are related to changeable factors or are primarily outside of your control, you can benefit your heart and your brain with healthy lifestyle choices.

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Let's Talk About Stroke Prevention

TIA and Stroke: Medical Emergencies

When someone has shown symptoms of a stroke or a TIA (transient ischemic attack), they require immediate medical attention. A doctor will gather information and make a diagnosis [UPDATE LINK AFTER PAGE IS CREATED] and begin a course of treatment depending on the cause of the stroke.

More About Risky Stroke Conditions